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Nian Gao with Red Bean (紅豆年糕)
Learn how to make this classic Lunar New Year dessert, with a few unique twists from my family's recipe!
Ready in 90 minutes
Steamed Fish (蒸鱼)
Learn how to make this classic Cantonese seafood dish, a must-have for Chinese holidays and celebrations, yet perfect for easy weeknight meals!
Ready in 30 minutes
White Cut Chicken with Ginger Scallion Sauce (白切鸡姜葱酱)
Learn how to make this classic Cantonese chicken dish, a must-have for Chinese holidays and celebrations!
Ready in 60 minutes
The Ultimate Guide to Hot Pot at Home
Learn everything you need to host your own hot pot celebration in the comfort of your home!
Ready in 90 minutes
Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce (蠔油芥籣)
Learn a Chinese chef's secrets and shortcuts to get the perfect crunchy gai lan!
Ready in 10 minutes
How to Throw a Red Egg and Ginger Party (红鸡旦和酸羌)
Learn how to make the perfect red eggs and ginger, the symbolism behind them, and how to plan your party!
Ready in 30 minutes
Chinese Pan Fried Salmon (香煎三文魚)
Learn a chef's tips for how to pan (or wok) fry the perfect crispy, tender salmon fillets!
Ready in 25 minutes
Hot & Sour Soup (酸辣湯)
Learn how to make this classic Chinese soup that's equal parts soothing and stimulating!
Ready in 30 minutes
Bamboo Sticky Rice (Zongzi, Joong 咸肉棕)
Learn how to make these delicious pockets of goodness - a traditional family recipe!
Ready in 1200 minutes
Chicken Congee (鸡粥)
Learn how to make the ultimate Chinese comfort with Daddy Lau's soft & silky rice porridge recipe
Ready in 60 minutes
Steamed Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce (豉汁蒸排骨)
Learn how to make an authentic homestyle version of this classic dim sum dish
Ready in 45 minutes
Vegetable Lo Mein (蔬菜捞麺)
Ready in under 30 minutes, this deliciously festive noodle dish is also an omen of good health and longevity.
Ready in 30 minutes
Taro Cake (芋頭糕)
Learn how to make this delicious & auspicious Chinese holiday favorite!
Ready in 180 minutes
Moo Shu Pork (木薯肉)
Learn how to make a Cantonese version of this healthy home-cooking favorite from Northern China.
Ready in 30 minutes
Ginger Fried Rice (姜炒饭)
An incredibly simple and delicious recipe with a ton of scientifically proven health benefits
Ready in 30 minutes
Shrimp Chow Fun (虾炒乐趣)
Learn the Chef's secrets to creating this classic Cantonese dish, and the history behind Chow Fun
Ready in 25 minutes
Steamed Egg (蒸蛋)
Learn how to make this heavenly soft Chinese comfort food that's perfect for all occasions!
Ready in 15 minutes
Egg Flower Soup (蛋花汤)
Ready in 10-15 minutes, this heartwarming appetizer is a heavenly addition to any meal.
Ready in 15 minutes
Rainbow Chicken Stir Fry (彩虹鸡炒)
Learn how to make this juicy, colorful, and healthy concoction of chicken and vegetables!
Ready in 35 minutes
Mapo Tofu With Chicken (麻婆豆腐鸡)
A spicy Sichuan classic for good reason: it's easy to make, delicious, and healthy!
Ready in 20 minutes